Strona główna
"Rio Anaconda"
"Gringo among wild..."

po polsku

      This section consists of published and also unpublished adventure stories. Some of them made it into my books, others to newspapers and sometimes they are pieces of what I’m writing right now.

Why do I start with "Listen..."?
Well, because I try to write in a spoken language so the reader could "hear" my voice in his head (we do know each other from the radio). I like to tell stories. Tell them to live people. Face to face. So I tell them here with the help of letters.
You can see a lot of effort put into the appearance of my text on the page. Interruptions that are used more often than by other writers, dots, sentences that are unfinished or begin with "and" or "but". That would be incorrect in normal texts – but I want you to hear the words in correct language, only spoken, not written. So it could be rather heard than seen.
So listen...

Besides, what would it look like if I started with "read..."???
I’ll tell you - PRETENTIOUS. That's why "Listen..." sounds (that's right, "sounds" and not "looks") much better.


What is it like in the jungle?
The shaman's dog
The last village
The venomous butterfly
Gringo among wild tribes
tlumaczenie/translation: KAJA WIERUCKA
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